You, Him, & His Money

Dating on the beach

If you are single, as one of my Ahead of Your raced clients said, “I want a man who is gonna need my purse!” I have even heard women say, “I only date Jewish men because they have enough money.” Ok, for lots of reasons, Jewish men are among the neediest people in the world (especially singles).

It’s Not About Money

If a man says he’s not gonna need me, I know I don’t need him. He can think of himself first. Money is the way to his woman’s heart, but only as a convenience. Stay-at-home dads seem to have no problems at all about paying the dinner bill, and many women say they prefer it that way. It’s not that they want to be treated “like a princess”, but they would prefer not to be wined and dined daily and every other weekend, but twice a week is still pretty much plenty. Many women feel a little bit bad that the man of their dreams won’t buy her pretty things. That’s not a problem. Any man can afford to treat the lady nicely.

Slow Down!

It’s important to not be too quick on the romantic cycling. Someone once told me that he was blown away when his special lady-to-be presented him with three identical twenty dollar bills. Isn’t he supposed to love her enough to buy her things like nickels and slippers? Ladies, be patient. One day a friend of mine figured out that if he was intended for a special lady he would have by now received many roses. Ladies, don’t try to be forward. It’s okay if he doesn’t make a move right away. It’s okay if he’s the one who keeps asking first. After all, the pressure alone can sometimes break a man.

Don’t Give In

So the guy Finally asks you if he can have your number. And you tell him that you are not the kind of person to give in unless he has something really good to ask. Then he can depend on your answer to even the most intriguing question. But what if you’ve been asked for your number – what do you do? Well, it’s up to you. I told my friend they really should join a bowling league so she could leave her sets of keys at home and he’d have an excuse to call. Or she and her keys would get him on the stand, and he’d say, “It’s going to take a lot more than that to make a girl put up with me!”. He could get her number and maybe even take her out before his bowling match.

With people always asking me for advice I can tell you that being practical will get you exactly the result you want. If you want to be romantic all you have to do is pick something that will depend on him and you. Think about it, an active date will do the two of you no harm either. Dozens of movie couples and spouses are together today because of idyllic dates in very casual settings.

I had hawkish tendencies at age 11. But all that has changed. To this day, I am fascinated by people who are their age – those who have found themselves suddenly alone.

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