The Power of Intention

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In a dictionary perspective, the intention is a determination to take action. It is an act of determining mentally upon some action. It is the act of unveiling or finishing something.

The struggles of life are mainly due to a lack of focus. Lack of focus is compounded by procrastination. When a person procrastinates, little things and work piles up, as a result, the manifestation of goals remain elusive. In life, everything is on the line. We can be either action-oriented or Position oriented.

We want things only when we are clear about what is it that we want.

How to use the power of intention

The power of intention allows us to set goals in our lives. The main goal should be keeping the focus on the goals, which will pull us towards the achievement of our desires. We should not allow petty things to distract us from our goal or the purpose of our intentions.

When we know what we want, we become clarity in our intent. We can define our purpose amid sacrifice and unimportant things in life.

We see the path of planning and action. We require well thought out strategies to achieve the desired goal, always getting our focus more deeply in whatever we do.

This implies quieting conscience which should ensure positive for the ordinal purpose of our intentions. The pitfall of the committed goals in life can be to far away from our intentions, resulting in eventual failure or worse, loss of our resources which are necessary to execute our plans.

Quick and Perfection is an illusion. The ability to carry out the plan to achieve our purpose may be normal for a small article, but the ability to achieve our goals is never normal or temporary. A task is easily achieved only if there is clarity of intention with it an active performance towards reaching the goal.

How to achieve your goals

We can see the big picture and even the plan for achieving our goals. It is just a matter of time to achieve our goals, no deadline. The prioritize and the plan are the criteria behind making the attainment of our goals multiple, relative, and tangible.

We should be and learning. The more we know the experience, the more we believe in our capabilities. When we should acquire knowledge in religious sayings, the more we believe in God or his name, the more we believe in exacting our path to Gods’ attainment, and the more serious we are about the plans of our existence. Read more about setting goals here: Goal Setting – Making the Right Difference.

The intention not only commands planning and execution, but it can expand our thoughts. The power of intention tells us that we receive information, and information sparks action, which is a tangible form that can never leave us. Going a step further, when we decide we need to make better decisions, we should contemplate within and reject what is in the agony of our minds.

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