Remove the Problems and Confidence to Control Life

Confident man

Tired of intensity? Frustration? Irritation?

Try on one of my favorite speakers, Warren Buffet, as a model for success, to help you from the perspective of “How do I work towards my success?”

Bring more pleasure

We can choose to bring too much or too little here, from the perspective of bringing control from our experience out into our relationships. How do we behave, and how do we interact in the external world? When we have avoided much joy, from the perspective of avoiding happiness from our experience. How do we relate to people? How do we sell it? How do we work? How do we behave? How do we communicate? How do we choose to communicate?

What do we do with our moods, and how do we relate to this productivity model, positivity, and negativity. How do we deal with a sense of frustration? How do we deal with obstacles?

What do we know about people? Why do we do what we do?

Work can be challenging, but it gives us and eases us. Why would we choose to bring work stresses then? It is in our best interest to have things simple, and if it’s in our best interest, we can bring this about. These simple things are not in the planning stage, but it’s an important beginning. (This is one of several pieces).

Good News

In our culture, we talk about problems, when they’re not solved, we talk about problems, we’re afraid of problems; we avoid them at times, we don’t want to face them; and above all, we fear what we will encounter in the future, when there’s an issue as huge as, “This is the problem.” Freedom and abundance and some relief in the past are qualities we could have in abundance.

Time is an energy

As explained in “Techno-Matic” we do not trust this, we are not in touch with that, but if we understand that the past and the future have taken care of themselves already, we are in touch with that, we can have freedom, here and now, to enjoy. When we enjoy, we do not look back, we experience now and intently, so we can plan, here and now.

Brain potential

According to David Armstrong, we might believe our intuition is not real when it is, it is real, the most powerful reality available, it’s irrational, but it has also shown up in thousands of other people’s lives, through their direct experience and strong feelings and if we choose not to follow, we will be judging ourselves. We do not have to judge ourselves, it’s natural, we can just do it.

Life is a challenge

Our experience with this course is a huge victory of stress to us, but what is this “stress” about our mere human existence? We could, in a single moment, step out from “humanness” into the “goodness”, which could be the allness, and that is as close to realness as we can get of the experience.

Take the moment. It’s in our power. What’s better than that?

Let it sit, imagine that, and feel the stigma of threatening, riding the room, and the threat, whether we would, trust, belief, are honest, etc.

Best we all send love to each other and joy to all our species around the globe, and more love and joy in the world.

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