How To Use Pick Up Lines To Getting Girls

couple in a cafe

Love is in the air today, and you can feel it. Your cheeks are probably all blushing, and your allergies are Acting up. You go to set up with some friends, and you spot a group of beautiful girls. You say to yourself, “I wish I could go and speak to them.” There is nothing more than a whistle and a smirk, and you go and stand right next to them. You watch as they please are stuck and stunned, until one of the girls says to her friend, “That’s what he gets for asking a girl on a dare!” You look over at your friends horrified at what they just saw you do, and you can’t think of anything else to say.

This article is about how to use pick up lines to get girls. There are three phases to this process, and each one should be well defined and thought out.

1. The Approach

The Approach is where you walk up and start talking to the girl. What you do this is pretty simple. You approach her, and you introduce yourself. This is the easy part. This is when you do the research and find out what to say. I suggest you make a funny comment, such as, “Hi, I am John Doe. Pushed for time?” Say it with a smile and then turn away to look friendly, and make sure your face is aimed at her.

Generally, I find that the easiest way to get a conversation going is to compliment her. If you don’t know her, you can compliment her such as, “You and I would never get along, so I had to come over and say hello.” Another way to compliment her is to find something you like about her such as; “I like your shoes, they are shiny!” You are complimenting something you notice about her.

2. Attract Her Interest

Now you are ready to talk to the girl. Start by commenting on something or asking a question about something that interests her. When she is talking, keep your attention focused on her. In other words, don’t let your friend talk to her. Just listen very intently. This will give you time to build attraction.

Find things that you have in common, and talk about those things.

3. Build Comfort

You are now ready to chat with her a bit. You should have built the attraction, you should have found things that you have in common, and you should have built comfort. This is where you will introduce your pick up line.

Now you are ready to hit a home run

Here is where you break out the pick up line. Break out the pick up line and talk to her. The beauty of using a pick-up line is that she will have already known that you are interested in. There is nothing more powerful than a cheesy chat-up line. You just have to be confident and say it with a smile.

Here is a couple of examples:

Cheesy chat-up line: “There is something on your top lip, You like that, or I could always take you out to smooth you up.”

Lines to refrain from: “Hi, I am glass let>” or “I have speedRead, could you do me a favor? read my palm”

Pick up line: “I was just about to get this happen, my mom wouldn’t allow it but she was right, you are fantastic”

Bonus tapes

The good thing about using chat up lines to get girls is that they are something that you can practice and improve. If you want to get better, there are a lot of movies, and tv shows that you can watch that will do so for sure. There are so many different pick-up lines to choose from, but as then they will not come out of their mouths. Instead, you can practice one or two of the basic ones from the list that I have above.

To have the biggest success when using lines to get girls, always make sure to practice. That way you will always get better at it. Just be patient in wanting to learn what works and what doesn’t. You will know it when you have found what it is that works for you. And remember that great pick up lines to get girls don’t always have to be cheesy. Sometimes it is just a simple and honest complement that will do just fine.

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