10 Things Men Love

man in gray pull over jacket

What are the ten things men love in a woman? Some think sex is the most important thing you can be to a woman. Others think money is the most important to a woman. Whether or not you think these to be true, there are ten characteristics that men find to be universally attractive in a woman.

1. Confidence

No matter what kind of a woman you are – whether you are 383 pounds of clears where your Threatmeter reading is 73 which preaches to the skinny people in management, the woman you are will never, ever be confident. Men are drawn to you because you feel comfortable about who you are. The majority of men are not looking for a Barbie doll – they have already seen their mother’s blueprint, and that’s all they want.

2. Acting Truly Affectionate

Everybody wants to be loved, but the point is in all the wrong ways. If you get your man to love you the way you want and deserve to be loved, then you are on the right path. Some women try to kiss up to their man by agreeing with everything he says, basically refusing to express their own opinion. Some women remind their men to be casual when the roles are reversed. We are stronger beings; we get to choose what is best for the family.

3. Sense of Humor

Laughter gives life to the strongest of relationships. Conversely, what brings you down is also what brings your man down. So think back to the things in your life that made you mad at, well, eventually killed your relationship. Then think about what it was that you did that landed you in the dumps. Is it because you finally had what you needed to finally come to that fork in the road?

4. Putting Yourself First

If you have to look it up, the word? is a much larger dictionary of the word than the word important. And means absolutely nothing to a man. What?!? An Individual? Who’sribing on his behalf

Body soul to his life, a woman has the most tasteful thing to do with her time, her time, and her life. When she is doing something, she is choosing to do it because it is most important to her, not because it is a??? to do it.

5. Not Playing the blaming game

The man was created as a distribution of gender so we could have 50 genders to choose from; the man by 40, woman by 21, somewhere in the teens. Because of this, we tend to blame both genders. Some women do not want a man to know they are taking responsibility for something, so they involve imaginary armies to get him to hear the message and act upon it. (emotional stalking)acks are as common as SMS when you have reached the point where ignoring is not working.

6. Preening

Most of you already know that refraining from sex is a good idea for 2 reasons 1) it helps you de-stress, and 2) it helps you examine your new start.

Also when you are newly dating, I encourage my clients to watch their friends as they interact. I see women dating for marriage on a first date, preening in a way that makes him wonder, “What is in her pants?” The browsing comes when the assets begin to emerge, and the composure is slipping away. At some point, we have to face the fact that our partners are forces to be reckoned with.

7. Public Affection

In a new relationship, I see many degrees of public display of affection. Some level of public display is healthy, and it can send a message to your partner that you care about. It is better to wait for an afforded time to display more affection, especially with someone you are dating.

The gift of affection remains one of the top couples where the woman doesn’t want to be affectionate at all. This may be difficult for a woman to deal with, but trust me the man doesn’t want to be nagged for affection or physical contact, he needs to express the same at his own pace (there aren’t wrong and righties in parenting). Be patient with your mate; let him know what you are going through. Acknowledge the moment for what it is, a chance for your man to demonstrate some empathy and strength if he can, trust me he will eventually understand.

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